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Ankara University (AU)

Ankara University (AU) is a higher education institution in Turkey. AU contributes mainly to the design and delivery of trainings (WP2-4), including work-based learning. It will have a crucial role in the development of the module on digital skills with its contribution with simulation software it has developed.

Involved persons:


Dr. Ferruh Erdogdu is affiliated with Ankara University where he has been teaching food engineering classes. He works in the management of the project activities that will be carried out at the Ankara University, and his main role is in the design and delivery of the training materials (WPs 2 and 4). He has close relationships with the canning industry, and he is also managing the activities at Ankara University for face-to-face training to the food industry employees.

Contact email: [email protected]


Dr. Aziz Tekin and Dr. Ertan Anli are also affiliated with Ankara University while Ertan serves as department head of the Food Engineering department. They are involved with WP2 and 4 activities in the implementation of the training materials and also delivery of these innovative materials. They are also working on the accreditation status of the training and planning on how the training materials might be included in the curriculum. While Ertan has close relationships with the wine and soft-drink industry, Aziz has significant collaborations with the oil industry.