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Basque Association of Food Science & Technology (ACTAE)

Basque Association of Food Science & Technology (ACTAE) is a regional association of food science & technologist graduates with the main objective to support training, job opportunities and establish networks between professionals, administrations, and industries in the agri-food sector. ACTAE participates in EQVEGAN in WP1, WP5, WP6, and WP7 (Profiles, skill & competencies, internal evaluation and training for the vegan food industry).

Involved persons:


Carmen de Vega has a PhD in Food Science and Technology and is CEO/Chief Administrative at ACTAE. In EQVEGAN, she contributes to the definition of professional profiles and skills and to locating content to spread on social media accounts and partners.

Contact email: [email protected]


Ruth Gayubo is a food technologist and Chairwoman at ACTAE. As a Food Safety & Quality expert her main duty is to coordinate the project in accordance with the timetable and the project management team.